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Our Story: Returning to Passion

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“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela

Through a series of life changing events in my early 20’s, I sold my furniture & design business and left entrepreneurship to pursue a career in supply chain.  I was good at supply chain and I felt a sense of accomplishment with every project and promotion.  Over the years, I had to reiterate what my “ideal career path” would entail to all my managers.  I started to believe what I was saying instead of remembering what really made me stay awake at night dreaming, planning & creating.  Again, through a series of life changing events, I woke up!  I couldn’t sleep again because I was dreaming, planning & creating.
I grew up in SLC and I know this market.  In SLC, we love (or sometimes have to) entertain friends & family.  We love to have a unique touch or design inspired party, but we have a limited budget.  Last winter, as I prepared for a party I couldn’t find an easily accessible affordable on trend event/party rental store!  I ended up purchasing hundreds of dollars of products from Target and had to buy materials from Home Depot to make a fixture I found on Pinterest.  I hid all the receipts from my husband and forced him to spend hours finishing the project I found on Pinterest.  Oh yeah, and I spent 2 days blowing up balloons that I saw online because where the “heck” (“heck” yes, I know this market) was I going to find a store that provides custom balloons for small parties around here?!
Dashing Event Rental was created to provide affordable party or event rental products to this budget conscious, design inspired market.  If you don’t want to haul ugly church chairs to your house in the pick up truck, we deliver & pick up our beautiful resin chairs that rent for just 2.35 each and our minimum is only 20 chairs.  We cater to small baby showers, birthday parties all the way to a formal wedding or corporate event!
Family Owned & Operated:
Operations & Delivery?  My husband is the wizard behind the curtain.  He builds, executes and delivers for me in his “spare time” (nights & weekends) because he also has a successful career in management for a national fulfillment company.
Marketing & Sales?  I have three hilarious, smart kids that market the hell out Dashing.  My 8 year old overheard his bus driver talk about a party he was planning and now the bus driver has my business card.
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